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Our focus is on active learning, designing innovative courses and workshops that are participatory, lively and inclusive. Adapted from the Permaculture Association (Britain)’s PDC core curriculum and much more, we create regenerative learning experiences that empower you, your organisation or your community to make positive change happen today.


What people are saying about Spiralseed's courses...

  • “In truth, I did not know much about Permaculture when I booked onto my PDC and thought it was some sort of ‘clever way to grow more food’. Little did I know that it would turn my plans on their head and slingshot me into a totally different life and almost a totally different person” - Tricky Wolf, Design 4 ACTION Permaculture Design Course participant and founder of Wyrdwood Acres Permaculture Project, Spain

  • "This has been an amazing week of learning. I'm going back feeling inspired, and with so much to reflect on" - Camila Barbosa, Vegan Permaculture Design Course participant

  • "I would like to applaud Graham Burnett for his interactive teaching approach and patience, and just wish that more schools would take on this style of teaching as I learned so much in a short time." - Jasmine Kime, Vegan Permaculture course participant

  • "The mapping and surveying sessions this weekend will be a great help in my upcoming Maths GCSE as it makes maths feel like something genuinely useful with practical applications in the real world rather than just something abstract" - Lizzy, Design 4 ACTION! course participant

  • "Thanks for a superb Vegan Permaculture Design Course! I'm telling everyone about it and you may need to run it more often in future!" - Piers Warren, Vegan Permaculture course participant and author of The Vegan Cook and Gardener, How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self-Sufficiency and 101 Uses for Stinging Nettles

  • "Positive feedback on my presentation has been extremely encouraging and motivating and a huge confidence boost!" - Zophia, Design 4 ACTION! course participant

  • "Loving your work!" - Sherry Fuller, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and founder of Southend Soup

  • "Absolutely brilliant weekend! Thanks to Graham and everyone for making it great" - Jamie Mack, Design 4 ACTION! course participant and Earth Educator

  • "Covering such a range of issues, skills and fields within permaculture has allowed me to explore lots then see which I am really drawn to" - Hannah Simpson, Design 4 ACTION! course participant

  • "The course design and attitudes of the tutors helped create an open, receptive, non-judgemental atmosphere - very supportive and conducive to iterative design" - Basheera Khan, Design 4 ACTION! course participant

  • "Loving my permaculture design course! Brilliant group - Super peoples, great vibes and a good teacher!" - Jody Schroeder, course participant

  • "I feel less like a consumer, more like a designer equipped with tools and skills to create bespoke solutions" - Hagop Matossian, Design 4 ACTION! course participant and Passive Natural green building consultant.

  • “I believe that we all left richer for the experience and, speaking for myself, happier and more hopeful. I am now just looking for an excuse to return, because the whole experience was just too good to have only once” - Natalie, course participant
  • "Thank you both again for a deeply inspiring and core-shakingly eye opening Permaculture Design Course at Brook End this Summer. Wow!…" - James Atherton, Vegan Permaculture course participant and manager, Lush Oxford

  • “Graham’s teaching style is open, non-ego, relaxed, positive and BRILLIANT – A natural educator, thank you!” - Claire, Introduction to Permaculture course participant and Organic Lea volunteer
  • "I have been given a new positive perspective on issues such as climate change and peak oil, which I have often found too daunting to act upon as an individual. I have learnt to start at the end of my nose and build upon my ways of living harmoniously with the natural world using permaculture techniques. If anyone reading this is considering the course I would really recommend it." - Laura Waugh, Permaculture Design course participant, Forest Schools educator and founder of Firefly Forest Environmental Education
  • "My Permaculture Design Course left me motivated and inspired like nothing else before. It led me to the development of Food Up Front, an urban food growing network, and everything else I have done over the last 10 years started with that course. While I wouldn't count myself as a Permaculture practitioner, the ethics and principles are always in the back of my mind, keeping me on course and helping me to take positive steps forward" - Seb Mayfield, Permaculture Design course participant and founder of Food Up Front.

  • “I’ve done a lot of training courses and Graham is by far one of the best trainers I’ve had” - Martin Osbourne, course participant
  • “I can totally recommend this. I’ve done 2 courses at Dial House under Graham’s tutelage and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. The second changed my life (for the better) and gave me the courage to ditch a a job that was wearing me down, in favour of self-employment that has left me happier than ever before as an adult. The Introduction to Permaculture course I did opened my eyes and broadened my outlook. Worth it for that alone, but when you add in a weekend of fun with like-minded people – priceless” - Catherine Kay, course participant
  • "Hi Graham - I wanted to tell you that as of five days ago Josh and I have 16 acres and a small house in Southwest Michigan on which to make our vegan permaculture homestead dreams come true. The course with you this summer really helped us make this gigantic step forward and will continue to inspire and help our path, so I wanted to thank you! We are now stewards to woods, meadow/field, and wetland. One day we hope to show you around!" - Kerry and Josh, Vegan Permaculture course participants, Wild Earth, Kentucky

Which Spiralseed course is for you?

Introduction to Permaculture Short Courses

An excellent way to find out more about permaculture is to attend a one or two day introductory course. This ‘taster’ will provide an opportunity to actively learn about the ethics, principles and applications of permaculture design, either as a ‘stand-alone’ or as a lead-in to the more in depth full Permaculture Design Course.

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A Permaculture Design Course With Added Extras- Design 4 ACTION!

Design 4 ACTION is a different kind of course, bringing positive design to your life, your community and your world, using permaculture principles and much more, empowering the genius inside all of us to create Active Community Transformation In Our Neighbourhoods!

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Grow Beyond Vegan Permaculture Courses

Do you seek to live compassionately without the exploitation of people, animals and the environment? Are you concerned about climate change, peak oil and future generations? Are you interested in changing how we interact with other species, ecosystems and our human communities? This is the course for you!

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Forest Gardening Courses

Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on natural woodlands that incorporates fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables. The design principles can be replicated in even the smallest of urban gardens – find out how!

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So What IS Permaculture?

’PERMACULTURE’ is a word that was coined in Australia during the 1970s to describe a design system pioneered as a response to what many globally saw as serious challenges to the survival of all of us. It has since become a worldwide movement encompassing all aspects of how human beings can live harmoniously in relation to our Earth and it’s finite resources.

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What If I Can’t Afford A Course?

We believe that our permaculture and other courses offer very good value for money, and are a worthwhile investment for individuals, projects and organisations. However we do recognise that for some people costs can be hard to find in the current climate of austerity, in which case we suggest a number of creative options to make your learning more affordable.

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