Vegan Permaculture Design Course, Wild Earth, Kentucky, 2019



Are you concerned about climate change, peak oil and future generations? Do you seek to live compassionately without the unnecessary exploitation of people, animals and the environment? Are you interested in changing how we interact with other species, ecosystems and our human communities? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this full permaculture design course led by Graham Burnett and William Faith is for you! The internationally-recognized, 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course yields the Permaculture Design Certificate. The course serves as an introduction to permaculture design as developed by concept co-creator Bill Mollison, which opens the door to further practice, work and advanced education.

Please note that Wild Earth farm and Sanctuary will be taking a year out from the Vegan PDC in 2018 to focus on development and planning –  please contact us if you wish to make enquiries re booking your place on our 2019 course.

Venue: Wild Earth Farm and Sanctuary, Kentucky, USA

Dates: TBA 2019

Tutors: Graham Burnett, William Faith, Joe Kilcoyne, Heather Patrick and guest tutors

Please note that this course is not organised by Spiralseed – all queries re. booking and accommodation should be made to the course organisers.

What folk have said about previous courses by Spiralseed

“I can totally recommend this. I’ve done 2 courses under Graham’s tutelage and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. The second changed my life (for the better) and gave me the courage to ditch a a job that was wearing me down, in favour of self-employment that has left me happier than ever before as an adult. The Introduction to Permaculture course I did opened my eyes and broadened my outlook. Worth it for that alone, but when you add in a weekend of fun with like-minded people – priceless!”

“Graham’s teaching style is open, non-ego, relaxed, positive and BRILLIANT – A natural educator, thank you!”

“If anyone is considering this course I would really recommend it”

“The course was terrific and was paced in such a way as to ensure maximum benefit”

“A wonderful weekend”

“I’ve done a lot of training courses and Graham is by far one of the best trainers I’ve had”

“I believe that we all left richer for the experience and, speaking for myself, happier and more hopeful. I am now just looking for an excuse to return, because the whole experience was just too good to have only once”

Can’t afford the course fees? Have a look at some ideas here or fundraise for your tuition with We The Trees!