Liberation Permaculture weekend – meet the facilitators…

There has been lots of interest in and support for our forthcoming Liberation Permaculture weekend at Dial House in Essex, running shortly before the International Permaculture Convergence. There are still a few places available, so if you’ve been thinking about booking but havn’t yet done so, now is the time!

“Liberation Permaculture is permaculture that is being used for liberatory means, as a tool towards ecologically and socially just ways of living. It is a label coined from a permaculture design course that took place in North America in 2010 exploring how permaculture can be used in grassroots resistance & community organising work.
It is clear that permaculture, as a concept in itself, challenges the foundations of modern industrial civilised society, simply from its premises of recognising ecological limits and its promotion of core ethics, such as caring for people, the earth and redistributing surplus. However many criticise permaculture because it doesn’t fully challenge the roots of oppressive systems, the relationships or power at play. If we are truly to re-design our lives for freedom and autonomy and respect for the land then we need to break the denial and get to the roots of understanding our current state of affairs. If permaculture is all about relationships, then we need to consciously design for relationships without domination. This is the premise of liberation permaculture”.

Unfortunately one of our US guests, William Faith of Chicago based Genius Loci Designs, is now unable to attend. However respected permaculture researcher Rafter Sass Ferguson has been able to step into his place, and we are looking forward to welcoming his energy and contributions. The weekend will explore if, how and why to place permaculture in a wider framework of radical social change, including the liberation of our non-human co-citizens. We will share ideas, design tools and practices to bring together people who share a political affinity within the permaculture movement. The session will be a participant-led open space for discussions and development of emergent themes, sharing best practice in linking permaculture, community organising and resistance. Participants will explore anti-oppression practice and share how we design and act for social and environmental justice.

Below are interviews with the 4 lead facilitators from the popular 21st Century Permaculture radio show, which will give you an idea of their calibre and the work they are currently involved in – enjoy!


Pandora Thomas on Social Permaculture in the Bay Area by 21st Century Permaculture on Mixcloud

Rafter Sass-Ferguson on What is Permaculture? by 21st Century Permaculture on Mixcloud

Nicole Vosper on Permaculture & Prison Abolition by 21st Century Permaculture on Mixcloud

Graham Burnett on The Vegan Book of Permaculture by 21st Century Permaculture on Mixcloud

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