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This section includes other one day and weekend workshops such as Forest Gardening, creating a ‘Right Livlihood’, Permaculture for children and families, Permaculture Diploma support events, apple juicing events, Permaculture Teacher Training, etc.

Vegan Permaculture Design Certificate Course, Somerset, Summer 2016

Do you seek to live compassionately without the unnecessary exploitation of people, animals and the environment? Are you concerned about climate change, peak oil and future generations? Are you interested in changing how we interact with other species, ecosystems and our human communities? Then this full permaculture design course is for you! This Full Permaculture Design Course will be held over two weeks over the summer of 2016, and is suitable for all. The content will be covering universal permaculture ethics, principles and design methods, however please note that the focus will be on non-animal based and stock-free systems.

Dates; Summer 2016, 10 days total, Sat 9 – Weds 13 July (5 days) + Sat 6 – Weds 10 August (5 days) in August (NB attendance at both blocks is required in order to complete the course).

Venue; Brook End Land Learner Centre in Compton Dundon, near Glastonbury in Somerset, a 4 acre smallholding designed and managed on plant-based permaculture principles.

Tutors; Graham Burnett, holder of the Diploma in Permaculture Design and author of Permaculture A Beginner’s Guide and the  Vegan Book of Permaculture and Nicole Vosper, vegan organic grower, community organiser and permaculture practitioner based in Somerset.

Cost; £550 for 10 day course. There are also three 50% subsidised places & two expenses only places. These are on a first come first served basis. Please enquire for more details.

Please note that this course is not organised by Spiralseed – all queries re. booking and accommodation should be made to the course organisers.

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Design 4 A.C.T.I.O.N. Permaculture Course, South East Essex, Jan – June 2016

Venue; The One Love Centre, Morbeck Farm, Arterial Road, Wickford SS12 9JF.

Led by: Graham Burnett (Dip Perm Des) and guest tutors.

Details; Held at the newly set up One Love Centre in South East Essex, Design 4 A.C.T.I.O.N (Active Community Transformation In Our Neighbourhoods) – is a different kind of permaculture course – positive design for your life, your community and your world by empowering the genius inside all of us!

The course will be taught by leading permaculture teacher Graham Burnett (author and illustrator of ‘Permaculture- a Beginners Guide’ and ‘The Vegan Book of Permaculture’, former Trustee of the Permaculture Association (Britain) and holder of the Diploma in Permaculture Design) and some great guest teachers. It will be a person-centred, fun, lively and inclusive learning journey, held over one weekend per month from October 2015 to March 2016. We will explore and utilise concepts such as Permaculture Design, Systems Thinking, Community Empowerment, ‘Whole Person’ Health, Skill Sharing, Right Livelihoods and much more, and work towards solving real life challenges by developing practical design solutions.

The Design 4 A.C.T.I.O.N course is participatory and dynamic, using diverse visual, audio and kinesthetic learning methods such as group work, games, problem solving, discussion, observation, field trips, practical activities, lectures and slideshows during course sessions. 

Participants are encouraged to further their learning through home study during the breaks between modules, which can include further research, personal reflection, and application of what’s being learned in practice. Participants will also work together on applied design projects relevant to their own situation that will consolidate the learning content and empower students to take solutions-based thinking back into their own homes, gardens, lives & communities, providing essential skills for effecting positive change whatever their concerns.

Dates: The course runs over 6 weekends between January and June 2016 on the following dates:

16 – 17 January 2016
20 – 21 February 2016
19 – 20 March 2016
16 – 17 April 2016
14 – 15 May 2016
11 – 12 June 2016

Cost: Full cost £380 for the full course – concessions including LIMITED expenses only places are available for those on lower income/unwaged. Please contact Chay on 07925 819178 for more information or any other booking enquiries, or have a look at our article on creative ways of raising your course costs.


What folk have said about previous courses by Spiralseed

“I can totally recommend this. I’ve done 2 courses under Graham’s tutelage and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. The second changed my life (for the better) and gave me the courage to ditch a a job that was wearing me down, in favour of self-employment that has left me happier than ever before as an adult. The Introduction to Permaculture course I did opened my eyes and broadened my outlook. Worth it for that alone, but when you add in a weekend of fun with like-minded people – priceless!”

“Thank you both again for a deeply inspiring and core-shakingly eye opening PDC at Brook End this Summer. Wow!”

“Graham’s teaching style is open, non-ego, relaxed, positive and BRILLIANT – A natural educator, thank you!”

“If anyone is considering this course I would really recommend it”

“The course was terrific and was paced in such a way as to ensure maximum benefit”

“A wonderful weekend”

“I’ve done a lot of training courses and Graham is by far one of the best trainers I’ve had”

“I believe that we all left richer for the experience and, speaking for myself, happier and more hopeful. I am now just looking for an excuse to return, because the whole experience was just too good to have only once”

Can’t afford the course fees? Get some ideas here  or Fundraise for your tuition with We The Trees!

Fundraise your course tuition with WeTheTrees!

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Forest Gardening Course at The Naturally Vegan Plot, Cornwall

Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. The design principles can be replicated in even the smallest of urban gardens – find out how!

This course is in two parts held over two weekends and will cover

  • What is forest gardening?
  • Principles of forest gardening
  • Designing a forest garden
  • Practical hands on activities
  • Create a forest garden!

NB. Although both parts will include hands-on practical activities, the second part of the course will be focused mainly on applying what’s been learned in terms of design from the previous weekend and creating a new forest garden project at the 3.5 acre Naturally Vegan plot. Part two will be open to folks who have or haven’t done Part 1, eg, for those who want a recap and / or want practical experience or who aren’t really that interested in studying the theory side and would prefer to get stuck into a hands on learning experience

Dates; Part 1; Sat 30th and Sun 31st July  Part 2; Sat 10th and Sun 11th September

Venue; The Naturally Vegan Plot, Nestled in the Tamar Valley, Cornwall, this 3.5 acre field will become a centre for research, demonstration, dissemination of information, education and practical implementation of Veganic Horticulture, woodland gardening, low impact land management initiatives, Vegan Permaculture and sustainable land use.

Tutors; Graham Burnett, holder of the Diploma in Permaculture Design and author of Permaculture A Beginner’s Guide and the  Vegan Book of Permaculture

Cost; Full cost £95 per weekend, OR  take advantage of our ‘Early Bird’ special offer, and book both parts before 28th of May for the discounted price of £175.00. Cost includes Vegan Food and Accommodation.

Please note that this course is not organised by Spiralseed – all queries re. booking and accommodation should be made to the course organisers.

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Creating A Positive Revolution – A Six Week Appreciative Inquiry Course, Southend on Sea

The world’s full of big problems. You want to do something, but where to start?

Start with something small. Something that makes best use of your unique set of gifts. Something that begins on your doorstep – that tackles the problem in front you – and grows from there. 

This course, an enhanced version of one I ran in 2012 – and this time co-delivered with Permaculture teacher and author Graham Burnett – will equip you with the skills and inspiration to Make Something Happen in your community.

I’m an Appreciative Inquiry practitioner with 10 years of working with this philosophy to help people make a difference. You don’t need to know anything about Appreciative Inquiry (have a Google!) except that it’s originator – Dr David Cooperider – describes it as a way to seek out what gives life in order to ignite the imagination of what could be. It’s used with communities all over the world: working especially well in rural communities in developing countries.

At its heart is story-telling, and finding the best in every person. Everyone has something they can DO. To quote Cooperider (because this is great and I’ve nicked a bit for the course title):

“[Appreciative Inquiry] deliberately seeks to discover people’s exceptionality – their unique gifts, strengths, and qualities. It actively searches and recognizes people for their specialities – their essential contributions and achievements. And it is based on principles of equality of voice – everyone is asked to speak about their vision of the true, the good, and the possible. Appreciative Inquiry builds momentum and success because it believes in people. It really is an invitation to a positive revolution. Its goal is to discover in all human beings the exceptional and the essential.”

Over six weeks you’ll learn how AI works and will be encouraged to build your own project. The course is interactive and practical, and the fee includes a folder with detailed handouts of each session and all exercises. We encourage a certain amount of ‘homework’ but this will be light, fun and optional.

Places are restricted to 16, and will be allocated first come first served. (We’ll start a waiting list if we get over-subscribed!)

Tutors: Sherry Fuller, Appreciative Inquiry practitioner and founder of Southend Soup, Graham Burnett, Diploma of Permaculture Design

Venue: Upstairs at The Railway Hotel, Clifftown Road (opposite Southend Central Station), Southend on Sea,

Dates: One evening a week for 6 weeks, Thursday 28 April through to Thursday 2 June

Time: 7 – 9pm

Course fee: Cost for full course £30.00 for concessions (ie students, and those not currently working.)

£50.00 for everyone else

A deposit secures your place and you can pay the remaining balance on the first night. £5 deposit for concessions, £15 deposit for non-concessions.

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