Permaculture Mandala Unisex recycled T-Shirt

These T-shirts are created from 100% salvaged materials, consisting of shredded waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing blended with recycled plastic bottles!

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Hand printed in the UK onto Salvage™ shirts by Sunrise Screenprint Workshop exclusively for Spiralseed.

Salvage™ shirts are manufactured from waste product using 60% pre-consumer recycled organically grown cotton and 40% post-consumer recycled polyester. The fibres are blended into fine yarn to produce 100% recycled clothing. The shirts are then screen-printed by hand using long lasting, high quality water-based inks, that are better for the environment than solvent or formaldehyde based inks.

Salvage™ products have the Global Recycle Standard Mark, and use certified organically produced cotton and certified Fair Wear Production ensuring decent local pay and working conditions.

For more information on the T-shirt manufacturing process visit:

All T-shirt orders include a free mystery booklet and exclusive greetings card designed by Graham Burnett!


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