Earth Writings by Graham Burnett

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Earth Writings by Graham Burnett

“In the quarter of a century since Johnny Rotten’s chant of ‘no future’, people like Graham Burnett have categorically proved that there is one; in short, if you’re not looking for the solution, you’re part of the problem… To those of us who see today’s supermarket commodity culture as anti-creative and anti-life, there’s no alternative. In its bold optimism, this book is designed to inspire action: read on, and then get out there and Do It”

– From the forward by Penny Rimbaud, former drummer and lyricist of CRASS

Collected in this volume are Graham’s articles, artwork, songs and conversations spanning 3 decades of involvement in ‘Earth Right’ activities, from animal rights protest to compost toilet building. It features material that has appeared in publications as diverse as Green Anarchist and Permaculture Magazine to Attitude Problem and The Idler, as well as his own self published (and some previously unpublished) work.

Herein Graham provides commentary, practical advice, and his own unique and often witty personal takes on issues including guerrilla gardening, permaculture, allotmenteering, forest gardening, punk and DIY culture, LETS and community economics, veganism, ecological building and rustic furniture making and low impact living, as well as his graphic visions for a post energy-descent future… MAKE COMPOST, NOT WAR!!!

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